PAC Minutes from the Board’s Meeting Oct 2, 2019

Present:  Helena, Bartosz, Iwona, Bozena, Marlena, Zbyszek, Joanna, Gosia T. 

The Club’s bank account status: $32, 945.63

The camp out expenses will be presented at the next meeting.

Helena put a motion on the table to give Gosia Thurston the responsibility to make decisions regarding posts on the Club’s media. When faced with an indecision the Board will be asked to weigh in and it was promised responses will be given quickly. Zbyszek seconded the motion. Everybody voted in support of the motion.

Next matter: A need to purchase a replacement amplifier for the singing group/church choir.  Helena put a motion on the table to have 2/3 of the expense come from the church’s budget and 1/3 to be covered by the Club’s account. The total expense is around $1,550. Bozena seconded the motion. Everybody present approved the motion.

There was discussion and considering of ideas/options of treating the students of former Pacanow and other children in the Club to some outing/event.

Wigilia: Oplatki have been ordered, 150, to be sold for $5 each.

There is going to be a background music during Wigilia provided by Jennifer (she volunteered). Bozena and Asia will make some more of the wooden Christmas trees as prizes since they were so well received last year.

The meeting ended, next meeting October 30.