PAC Board Meeting Jan 19, 2021

Type of Meeting: Board of Trustees

Expected Attendees:

                     President: Robert Warzycha

                     Vice-President: Bożena Stanek

                     Tresurer: Bartosz Warzycha

                     Secretary: Helena Rempała

                     Trustees: Iwona Testani, Marlena Przybył, Zbigniew Lorenc 

  1. Call to order and roll call
  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting.
  3. Financial Report: 
  4. Open Issues: 
  5. Wigilja: Evaluation of Zoom Wigilja
  6. Zbyszek’s resignation letter
  7. Zbyszek’s invitation to Mass and request to include more information about Polish Mass on PAC social media. 
  8. Further contacts with Father Wojciech and Andrzej regarding Polish School (Fr. Andrzej) and Polish Mass (Father Wojciech)
  9. Collection for the needy and homeless: any news?
  10. Membership drive. 
  11. Update of our web site (if available)
  12. Center for Polish Studies invitation to a lecture: how best to advertise and link for the future. 
  13. Adjournment: Next Meeting: Where and when?