PAC Board Meeting October 23, 2020

Expected Attendees:

                     President: Robert Warzycha

                     Vice-President: Bożena Stanek

                     Secretary: Helena Rempała

                     Trustees: Iwona Testani, Zbigniew Lorenc, Marlena Przybył

  1. Call to order and roll call
  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting:  see attachment
  3. Financial Report: 
  4. Open Issues: 
  5. Wigilja: Final decisions needed (Board)
  6. Collection for the needy and homeless (maybe drop-off combined with Wigilja?)
  7. Fundraising in general (Bożena,Gosia)
  8. Feedback on the Commemoration of the 40-th Anniversary of PAC (Zarząd) 
  9. Update on PAC’s role and collaboration with the Saint Christopher Parish (Zbyszek)
  10. Update in PAC contacts with the Polish families of children receiving treatment at NWC and with their supporters. (Helena)
  11. Update on the October Polish-American Heritage Month celebration: lecture on Sat. 
  12. Update on the our web site (if available) and on the new portal
  • Adjournment: Next Meeting: Where and when?