PAC from the Board’s Meeting September 15, 2020

Picnic Shelter at the KOŚCIUSZKO PARK 4444 Hard Rd, Dublin, OH 43016

Type of Meeting: Board of Trustees


                     Vice-President: Bożena Stanek

                     Secretary: Helena Rempała

                     Trustees: Iwona Testani, Zbigniew Lorenc

                     Web Master: Małgorzata Thurston

We approved minutes from the last meeting. 

Financial Report was postponed until the Treasurer will be able to attend.

  1. Open Issues: 
  2. Wigilja (Bożenka): The Board realizes that the decision about how we will celebrate Wigilja as a Club needs to be made in October so that people can start making plans. It is unlikely that the Club will be able to sponsor any indoor event. Ideas were explored for a short Christmas walk in the park or other short but commemorative gathering with hot chocolate, hot cider, a Christmas Carol or two and best wishes. 
  3. PAC’s role and collaboration with the Saint Christopher Parish (Zbyszek)

Zbyszek reported that there is a lot of new faces coming to the weekly Holy Masses in Polish at Saint Christopher. Some popel do not speak Polish but are interested in rediscovering their ancestry. He suggests that the Club establishes a more formal presence at the Masses or the Parish. This could be an opportunity to showcase the Club and recruit new members. 

A discussion ensued on the need to consult with the Pastor, Fr. Wojciech Stachura as to the scope and nature of the Club’s role and presence in the Parish. The following ideas were critically (and lively) evaluated: 

  • Resume 3rd Sunday of the month as a formal or informal Mass for which we encourage all PAC members to come for prayer and fellowship (as soon as officially allowed, at this point the Chancellery still wants all gatherings after Mass to be postponed). After the 3rd Sunday of the month Mass we could set up the membership drives, make sure that if PAC has any anouncemnet we let the Pastor know, etc.  Basically go back to the tradition of a monthly Mass where PAC is more present, in addition to the scheduled weekly Masses for all Polish speaking and others parishioners and visitors. 
  • Prepare the announcements from PAC as needed for the Pastor of Saint Christopher to announce at the Mass in Polish.
  • Have a bulletin board somewhere at the church with the PAC information, announcements and contact info. 
  • Have membership drives from time to time during the Mass in Polish. 
  • Stop generating ideas but talk to the Pastor first as a Board and ascertain how he would like the cooperation and support from PAC to look like in his Parish. 
  • Wait for Robert as the President,  to talk to the Pastor as soon as it will be possible to clarify Father’s wishes or/and needs and then resume the discussion as a Board. 
  • Commemoration of the 40-th Anniversary of PAC (All: our reaction to the video, suggestions, answer to the questions from the creators: 

Ela and Gosia sent a draft of the commemorative video prior to the meeting for the Board tp review. The Board was EXTREMILY appreciative for the amount of work, time and talent that the two ladies put into the project. The discussion ensued about protecting the privacy of the members. Gosia suggested and the Board approved to post the video on the private access YouTube account. Zbyszek checked with his friend- a lawyer who advised that:

  1. A sa Club we have a right keep the pictures of the members taken during Club sponsored activities in our files.
  2. We can post them as long as it is not-for-profit.
  3. If someone will request for their picture to be taken down – the picture has to be taken down. 
  4. Suggestions for narration, music, labels, dates: the following suggestions were made: IF POSSIBLE

 * make the labels bigger and change the nouns to plural form (not bal but bale for example) and bilingual

  • Open discussion re: PAC contacts with the Polish families of children receiving treatment at NWC and with their supporters. Discussion was postponed from lack of time. Helena suggested to call a separate meeting with people interested in the topic and then present the Board with the conclusions. 
  • Suggestions for a change in the meeting date for October to accommodate The Board members better, especially the President (Everyone): the Board suggested to call next meeting for Friday October 23, 2020 at 7pm. We will send an email with the suggestion and see if this will work

Extra Topic: OSTATKI

Zbyszek led the discussion regarding the reservation for Ostatki. We dcided to keep the reservation for 2/13/21 and reserve a date in May 5/1/21 in case the State of Ohio will still have restrictions on gatherings. We will be able to use the same deposit as the cancellation will be necessitated by the State regulations and not PAC decisions.  

  1. Adjournment: Next Meeting: Where and when? The initial plan is to have it on Friday October 23 at 7pm.