Type of Meeting: Board of Trustees

Expected Attendees:

                     President: Robert Warzycha

                      Vice-President: Bożena Stanek

                     Tresurer: Bartosz Warzycha

                     Secretary: Helena Rempała, 

                     Trustees: Iwona Testani, Marlena Przybył

  1. Elections: set up for the Board of Elections (Ela  i Antek), reception of the results, make sure the PO Box has been also emptied (Bartosz)
  2. If time permits:
  3. Discuss the request to advertise a research project by Nathan Silverstein on the Martial Law (see a copy of the email sent by Mrs. Izolda Wolski, lecturer from OSU Polish Language section. See below. 
  1. Adjournment: Next Meeting: May 18th, 7pm. 

My name is Nathan Silverstein. I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin, where I am minoring in Polish Language. I am also the founder and president of the Polish Club at UT. 

Two weeks ago, my mother spoke to the Polish Club about her experience on the night of the imposition of martial law in Poland in which my grandfather, a WWII partisan and Solidarity leader, was arrested. I recorded her event and sent it to many contacts. In response, an incredible thing has happened. There has been a massive outcry for more information about the period of martial law in Poland. It seems that many people are starved for information about this important and yet often underreported period of Polish history. As such, I have taken it upon myself to interview more people with incredible stories from martial law. My ultimate goal is to transcribe these stories and compile them into a published book. That way, people can learn more about martial law and amazing stories will not be forgotten.

In light of this, I am asking whether you know any individuals with incredible stories from martial law in Poland and whether you would please be willing to connect me with them.

I am also asking that you please share the two fliers below wherever you think is appropriate.

Thank you very much for helping me capture this critical and yet neglected period of Polish history.


Nathan Silverstein

  • Call to order and roll call
  • Approval of minutes from last January full Board meeting and from the Supplemental Meeting.
  • Financial Report: 
  • Open Issues: 
  • Elections: 
  • Does PAC have a way and will to support local business which suffered due to COVID? 
  • Other Issues? 
  • Adjournment: Next Meeting: Where and when?