PAC from the Board’s Meeting April 08, 2020

Present Robert, Helena, Bartosz ,Iwona, Bozena, Marlena, Gosia T, Elizabeth T.

Financial report from Bartosz; at the end of February there was $31,273.92 in the Club’s account. On the day of the meeting there was $30,911 (some bills taken care of).

Helena let us know that she has made the reservation for the camp out over the Labor Day weekend but a confirmation is not available due to the park office’s technical difficulties. She is going to keep on trying to obtain the confirmation since Bartosz has not seen any charge for it on the Club’s credit card statement.
Bozena has emailed the contact person re. Wigilia wanting to reserve the chosen date. She will have to wait for the response because the office is currently closed.
Marlena has let us know that the removal of the outdoor sculptures from Schiller Park has been postponed till September. She will be contacted by the artist’s group with a date. Per Marlena’s suggestion the Club will organize a get together with the artist when we know when they are going to be here.
Gosia T. thanked Elizabeth T. for her work on the PAC’s Facebook page.

Next meeting in May. Virtual? Regular?