PAC from the Board’s Meeting March 20, 2018

Present:  Gosia, Michal, Iwona, Janet, Eliza, Bozenka.

Treasurer is absent, by his report the balance of the Club’s account is $32,107.38

Janet has brought check that came in mail: membership dues, donations. Gosia will pass on to Grzesiu to be deposited. 

Point on the agenda: Upcoming elections. Janet will send a templet of a ballot to Gosia. Coming back board members and new candidates are being posted on the website. Bartosz Warzycha is a candidate for a treasurer’s positon. Marlena will be asked to be a candidate for a trustee.

Upcoming event: Marzanna, Saturday 12 PM.

Teenagers who come to the event will put a scarecrow together, Bozenka supplies materials. She will also buy coffee, bring hot water. Eliza will buy juice boxes, snacks. Iwona and Eliza are getting signs, supplies from the storage. Iwona got the key from Gosia. 

No other event needs planned until the summer camp out.

The new venue for this year’s Wigilia has been discussed some more. The Barn in Upper Arlington is a strong possibility. Bozenka will call to find out if available for December 15 (other option December 8) along with other details: are tables available, can food be brought in. their fee is $150/hour.

A question has come up: who will be taking care of/help rebuild and improve the Club’s website? We will ask around. 

It has been decided that moving the post office box is a good idea (current location not convenient for anybody since Janet is leaving her post). It has not been officially voted on and for now Bozenka has the key to the box. 

Next meeting will be held at the Lane Rd Library, 7 – 8 PM during the election. We do need to secure a volunteer to collect and count the votes.

Meeting adjourned.