Type of Meeting: Board of Trustees, 


                     Outgoing Board:

                     President: Robert Warzycha

                       Vice-President: Bożena Stanek

                     Tresurer: Bartosz Warzycha

                     Secretary: Helena Rempała, 

                     Trustees: Iwona Testani, Małgorzata Cymbal, 

                     Incoming Board: 

                     President: Kris Dawidowicz

                     Vice-President: Greg Kamieniecki

                   Tresurer: Bartosz Warzycha 

            Trustees: Joanna Krieger, Ela Bobra, Maciej Czechowski, Robert Kamieniecki

  1. Call to order and roll call
  2. Approval of the minutes from the End-of-March meeting. The Minutes were approved by the outgoing calls. 
  3. Financial Report: The Treasurer presented the financial statements for the last 2 months.  Helena still owes $30 for the T-shirts taken from the storage. 

March Statement: $35059 and 32 cents

April Statement: $32445 and 36 cents

  1. Open Issues: 
  2. Status of the Paypal donations for Ukraine.

Bartosz reported that on the 26th of the month the money collected By Pac is being transferred to GoFund me and then donated to PAH (Polska Akcja Humanitarna). Two installments were already paid into PAH from PAC so far. Grzegorz suggested to consider switching to an organization that supports Ukrainian orphans in Poland, specifically supports the initiative to keep the children from the same orphanages together to prevent even more disruptions in their lives. The Board members discussed the idea. Grzegorz will provide specific information to the Board at the next meeting and the Board will vote on the issue. Helena and Bartosz suggested that it may re-vitalize the PAC campaign. Will require new set of ads on social media. 

  • Tour of Josephinioum (and how it did not happen). Helena explained the miscommunication regarding time of the tour. The Board is invited to try again, next year. The Tours happen nly one time a year, in late August. The specific date changes. Helena offered to serve as a contact person with Father Kasperczuk. 
  • Schedule of events set for the next year: 
  • PAC Camping Sept 2-5 (reserved, Bartosz): Bartosz confirmed the reservation. The Incoming Board debated the process of collecting fees for the camp sites, division of labor. Grzegorz recalled the way fees were collected in the past. Gosia, the Webmaster suggested to offer an option of paying on-line, along with the reservations. The Board will vote on the fees and the process of reserving spaces and collecting fees at the next meeting. The meeting will happen out of order during the customary Summer Break, on July 5th at 7pm at Kris’s residence. 
  • The Board discussed the fees to be set at $5 for a car and $10 per night. NO vote was taken. 
  • Wigilja (reservation planned for 12/10/22, 4-11, Bozenka): Bozenka explained the reservation for Wigilja and clarified the times. The reservation fee, non-refundable, is $1300. Bartosz already cut the check. 
  • The Board members discussed alternative venues and their prices. Helena will check the banquet hall at Our Lady of Victory in Upper Arlington. Grzegorz mentioned also a place he plans on checking. Grzegorz also suggested that the Board could decrease the time of set up for Wigilja by purchasing the lights that projects little dots of lights on the walls instead of hanging the string lights. Bozenka and Asia were not sure if the effect will be as nice. No decision was reached. 
  • Ostatki 2022 (what did the American Legion say about next year); Bartosz reported that there is a new rental manager at the American Legion. $40 was deducted from our security deposit for “marks on the walls” from the adhesives. The new manager did not have any more information, nor did he have any pictures of the marks. 
  • Incoming Board suggested to keep exploring new venues for Ostatki 2023 and Wigilja 2023. 

Dancefloor lights – are we purchasing them? Grzegorz suggested that the lights (types and prices) need to be researched with both Wigilja and Ostatki in mind. No person volunteered for this task at this point. 

  • Liaison between Ukrainians and PAC : Helena will continue to serve as a Liaison with Ukranian Cultural Society of Ohio. 
  • Liaison between PAC and Eastern European Congress: Helena discussed with Robert the role of PAC in the Eastern European Congress. Robert asked for the relevant documents to be emailed to him. 
  • WebMaster Report: Helena explained that Malgosia set up PAC social media, updated our webpage and maintains them. Malgosia posts the announcements but needs the announcements to be already prepared. The Outgoing Board also informed the Incoming Board that  it voted to grant Malgosia the fial say on what is appropriate to post and where. Malgosia explained the security situation of our social media. She asked the Incoming Board to be on the look out for a replacement. She discussed with Chris and Grzegorz a way to streamline the posts, possibly for Robert or Grzegorz to learn the process. 
  • Other issues: The outgoing President wish the New Board all the best and the outgoing members promised help and support.
  • Adjournment: Next Meeting: July 5th at 7pm at Kris Dawidowicz’s place.