PAC Minutes from the Board’s Meeting May 15, 2018

Present: Gosia C., Michal, Iwona, Bartosz, Eliza, Marlena, Helena, Gosia T., Asia, Grzesiu.

The newly elected Treasurer of the Club, Bartosz Warzycha, and the newly elected Trustees, Marlena Przybyl, Malgorzata Thurston, Helena Rempala and Joanna Krieger have been introduced and welcomed.

All of the present expressed great gratitude to Grzesiu Lecki for years of serving the Club as a treasurer and helping in many other ways.  

The account of the Club is at $33,460.66.

Grzesiu will continue organizing The Social Hour gatherings. Marzena Myszkowska will stay in charge of the Yoga Bear Ladies Exercise Program. 

Gosia T. will take care of the Club’s webpage. She would like an input from members what changes/improvements in the design are needed to make the site more informational and user friendly. We are to give her feedback once we navigate it on our own.  Facebook and LinkedIn will be liked with the website. Michal is the admin for the Facebook account.

The digital Newsletter will be sent quarterly. Anybody who wants to share/post something in a Newsletter needs to send it to Gosia T. as an edited already paragraph, before the first day of a month when a newsletter is due to go out . Helena will provide news/information re. the Polish church group. Helenka is also in charge of settling charges with priests and churches being used. She will be forwarding images of issued payment checks to Bartosz, the treasurer.

Iwona will be checking the Club’s e-mail box. Gosia C. will provide her with the needed information.  Eliza and Marlena are in charge of the paper newsletter, to be mailed out four times of year. Gosia C.  and Michal have the updated list of members. 

Michal presented the information re. a sporting event viewing he has made arrangements for: a soccer game, Poland vs Columbia, June 24 at @ PM, III Mannered Brewing Company, Powell. The information will be posted on Facebook and the Club’s website. We also found out from Michal that the Polish consul from New York will be in Cleveland 15/16 of June taking care of passport needs locally. 

A closer contact of the PAC with the OSU Polish club has been discussed, their president Konrad Kappel will be contacted. 

The next event organized by the Club will be a campout at Alum Creek 17-19 of August, then the Bread Festival in Dublin in the fall. 

The Club’s Wigilia will be held at the Mirolo Barn in Upper Arlington. Bozenka and Asia have the details. No alcohol allowed at this venue. We decided the event will be 5:30 PM – 9 PM, with setup starting at 4 PM. We need to vacate the premises by 10 PM. The church group has made a commitment to organizing the event this year.  Gosia C., as a president, will welcome everybody and open the event.

A possibility of reinstating of a Polish Language Club for Children/Pacanow (former Polish school) has been discussed. A survey will be send out to see if there is any interest. Helenka will find out if there is a possibility of having an access to a daycare facility.

There still is a need to use up the tuition funds remaining in the account of the former Pacanow. We will vote on ideas during our next meeting, after finding out if there is any interest among the former members in a group outing. Bozenka? may try to reach out to some of them. 

A matter of registering and adding new members to a spreadsheet/signing them up for a newsletter has been brought up by Helenka. In order to not leave them out by accident, Iwona (from e-mails) and Bartosz(from paid dues) will send new members information to Michal who is going to add names to the list and sign them up for the newsletter, if they are not signed up yet.  

The meeting has been adjourned, next meeting will be in June, a date to be decided.