PAC from the Board’s Meeting March 17, 2020

Everybody present, in person or virtually, except the treasurer (work engagement). Gosia T. and Elizabeth Testani also participated.

First point of discussion: The upcoming PAC Board Election in April 2020

Due to the medical state of emergency in Columbus the Board decided to postpone the election till further notice. Helena put the motion on the table, Zbyszek second it. All in favor. Gosia will make the necessary announcements.

Next point: Announcing the Club’s readiness to assist those in need due to the coronavirus.

Even though we all considered it and appreciated the empathy in the idea, we decided to not make any official declarations in the Club’s name. We would not know how to put in action/execute any potential requests. We agreed to follow Robert’s suggestion to be supportive to one another through informal network of
friends/acquaintances. Helena will get in touch with Mr. and Mrs. Swiderski to see if they need any assistance/supplies. Iwona forwarded to Gosia a message written by Helena as a guideline for a general ,supportive message to be posted from the Club to all the members and the community.

Next point: Generating more traffic/ followers of the PAC on social media

Gosia T. has asked the Board to approve Elizabeth as another admin for Facebook . Elizabeth has agreed to assist Gosia with social media. The goal is to appeal more/ to become more relevant to younger generations in hopes they become more interested in their heritage and the Club. Elizabeth has been involved in the student government while in college and has some experience /ideas.

Iwona put the motion on the table, Zbyszek second it. All in favor, with the stipulation that Gosia will monitor/supervise the ideas and posts. Elizabeth would like to introduce the candidates for the next year’s PAC government on Facebook, one at a time, in a personalized profile, to make them more familiar, real and accessible. She has asked us to submit to her a current photo along with answers to some simple questions that people may find interesting to look at.

Next point: Feedback from the February dance

Very good. Great decorations, atmosphere, food, good turn out. We will need to come up with a little better flow of the entertainment events during future dances though.
We discussed briefly a change of venues for Wigilia and dances. We may in the future but we decided to make reservations at the same locations for 2020/21 since bookings need to be made now. We also talked about a possibility of organizing some other Club event in the future, an outdoor dance perhaps?

Next point: Dates and reservations for future events

The Camp out – September 4 – 7, 2020. Helena will make reservations. At some point we will look up/come up and post some rules for all campers to follow, with potential consequences for those who do not comply, so the event may remain family friendly.
Wigilia/Upper Arlington – December 12, 2020. Bozena will make reservations.
Ostatki Dance/Westerville – February 13, 2021. Zbyszek will make reservations, Will find out from Bartosz if the deposit was kept by the owner of the facility.

Meeting adjourned, thank you!