PAC from the Board’s Meeting May 19, 2020

Present:Robert, Helena, Bartosz, Iwona, Bozena, Marlena, Zbyszek, Gosia T.
Until the election we are a temporary board, we cannot make any decisions that require voting. If we do, they need to voted on again after the election.

Bank account: $31,713.29.

First point of discussion: The PAC Government Election:
They will be held on Thursday, June 4th 2020 at 7 PM. Helena will format the ballot and print some. Gosia will post PDF file on the Club’s website and send out an e-mail with the information. Zbyszek is writing the announcement to be sent out. Members who want to cast their vote may print the ballot and mail it to the Club’s P.O. Box or vote in person in Kosciuszko Park (in a shelter, by the parking lot). The Committee collecting in person votes consists of Gosia Thurston and Elizabeth Testani. Helena will collect the mailed in ballots by 6:30 PM on June 4th and deliver them to the Committee. Only members in good standing can vote, if anybody has any questions they can e-mail Bartosz.

PAC camp out:
The office at the Alum Creek Park is still not able to process the credit card payment to finalize the reservation.

Bartosz offered to bring cash/check to their office. Helena is going to find out if that is an option.

40th Anniversary of the PAC:
Gosia asked for ideas to commemorate the occasion. Some ideas: posting a note of gratitude to volunteers/officers/board members who kept the Club going through the years, posting on the website a
compilation of memories and anecdotes about the Club’s presidents and contributors based on interviews with chosen members. An editor would be needed for that. Robert suggested making the anniversary a theme for the club’s camp out in September, using one day for celebration festivities. We will ponder and go back to brainstorming at a later date.

The contact from Katherine Moore/Schiller Park re. fundraising/donations:
Helena will respond to Katherine with an inquiry. We would like to have some more information before taking any action. Main question is what “fund raising pocket” consists of.
We discussed a possibility of organizing a social event to celebrate the artist and his work in September, when Mr. Kedziora and his team come to Columbus to collect his art pieces. Marlena and Bozena suggested an informal gathering, possibly potluck, depending on a date and weather.

A need for an assistance/support network for ill children and their families, coming to Children’s Hospital through charity foundations:
Gosia and Bozena explained to us the difficulties the families face when coming here from Poland, with their children who for medical treatment. They seek help/contact through Facebook and Gosia T. is their first responder, so to speak. Bozena suggested reaching out to the Chicago branch of the Foundation to give them feedback on the program and it’s weak points. We agreed that a network of committed helpers would be very helpful. We are going to try and come up with candidates for a coordinator of such a group of volunteers within the Club. Iwona

suggested finding out from parents/families what they find most needed as information and assistance, and posting such information on the Club’s web page as a resource. We will continue the subject during next meetings.

The meeting adjourned, next meeting June 16th. Bartosz is going to check if meeting at a library is an option.