Type of Meeting: Supplemental Board of Trustees


                     President: Robert Warzycha

                        Vice-President: Bożena Stanek

                     Secretary: Helena Rempała

                     Trustees: Iwona Testani

  1. Call to order
  2. Discussion:

The Board discussed how to offer assistance to Saint Christopher’s Parish in reaching PAC members interested in the participation in the Catholic Mass in Polish. Father Stachura responded to the Board email confirming his full support of the internet link to the Parish’s live-streaming service of the Holy Mass in Polish. 

  • The Board voted and asked Malgosia to update the web page and the Facebook with the new set of links authorized by Father Stachura.
  • The Board voted and decided that there will be a blast email sent to all members regarding the new links. Once Malgosia will update the sites she will let Bartek know and will help him to compose a short letter informing the members of the new update and the opportunity to follow the Holy Mass live under the updated links. Helena will assist if needed. 

3. Board also voted a “go ahead” for Małgosia to migrate the web page to a new site. The new web page project was reviewed by Robert, Helena, Iwona and by Elizabeth Testani. The Board continues to express appreciation for Gosia’s professionalism and hard work in her role as a PAC Web Master.