[EN] Please join us on March 23rd at 12.30 pm to follow this very old tradition of saying goodbye to the winter. A celebration of “Marzanna” takes place in Highbanks Metro Park. The only entrance to the park is from US 23, at the first light south of the intersection with Powell Rd. We meet in the Big Meadows Picnic Area, which is located at the loop at the end of the park’s main (and only) road. See: MARZANNA

The tradition of destroying of Marzanna – a doll made out of hay – goes back to pagan times and devoted to Mother Earth spring holiday of St Jary. Marzanna was led out of a village in a parade accompanied by the loud ruckus of rattles, cracking whips, singing and playing a variety of instruments. That was meant to scare away evil. Marzanna was thrown in a river and set on fire. This tradition was supposed to not only scare away winter and invite spring but also to secure a good harvest in the coming season.

On the 3-hour schedule:
• a Spring Parade
• destruction of Marzanna
• spying the early signs of spring
• picnicking in the fresh air (pot luck).

What to bring
• Please bring your favorite dish to share.

Overall, a big attraction for both those who remember celebrating The First Day of Spring in Poland and those who are just getting to know our “pagan” customs. We recommend “Marzanna” as a very family-friendly event.

There are no upcoming events.
There are no upcoming events.
  • Marzanna

    March 23, 2019 @ 12:30 pm5:00 pm UTC+0