Sunday, November 29, 2020

PAC Campout

Our annual campout will take place August 18-20 at Alum Creek at the usual location. Gate will open between no later than 5pm on Friday.

This is a Member Apreciation event with FREE entry to current PAC members. Non-members are welcome as well but will pay $10 per family. You can join PAC here. We will use wrist bands this year.

Join us for a fun-filled weekend of camping, games, swimming and bonfires. We have activities and games scheduled for Saturday. Followed by our traditional potluck dinner, group photos and singing by the bonfire. More fun and games on Sunday, before we have to pack up in the afternoon.

This event will take place at the Alum Creek State Park GROUP CAMP. You will find it on the official map (lower part, center, west side of the reservoir). It is probably easier to click here for Google Map marker. The address is Alum Creek State Park, Lewis Center Rd. Contact anyone on PAC Board if you need help.

If you have kayaks or any other boats you'd like to bring, please do so, there is a small "beach" we can use. If anyone wants to share any game sets with us to enjoy during this weekend, that would be greatly appreciated. 

PAC will provide some soft drinks and water. Our very talented and generous Tomasz Wosiak will be cooking Bigos and Flaczki right there on the fire, you do not want to miss it. Firewood is needed to cook it.

This year we will not have any firewood supplied, so please bring as much as you can with you so that we can all burn it together...


* Bring all your own food and beverages
* Bring your favorite dish to share during the potluck meal on Saturday.
* There is no electricity in this camping area. Please bring only non-electric coolers.
* Bring your own camping equipment and perhaps mosquito repellent.
* Bring firewood! PAC has not been able to arrange firewood this year.

 PS. Just a friendly reminder. Please bring some firewood with you.


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