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25 February 2016

New Polish movies shown on OSU campus in early March

As part of courses at The Ohio State University, several films will be shown that are open to the public, including Powstanie Warszawskie (Warsaw Uprising) and Miasto 44 on March 2 and March 9, respectively, both at 7PM in Hagerty Hall 42. The first will have English language narration over archival footage of the uprising and the second will be in Polish with English subtitles. Neither film has been released in the United States, so this is the first opportunity for many to see these both influential and controversial films. Be forewarned that the first includes documentary footage of the (extreme) violence of the Warsaw Uprising and the second includes realistic re-enactments, so neither film is recommended for those affected by violence or for children.

Although anyone may come to the film screenings, please be advised that the films are being shown as part of a class, so space is limited, timeliness is essential, and silence during the film is of the utmost importance. No food or drink is allowed in the room. Neither film portrays the opinions or beliefs of the instructor or the university; they are part of classes on Warsaw and Polish Culture, and the students are expected to critically evaluate them. The instructor will lead an informal conversation after the films if it is so desired.

Parking near the building is available for payment in the Ohio Union North Parking Garage, directly across from Hagerty, or on various streets around the University. Because no parking is guaranteed, please leave additional time to get to Hagerty.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Dr. Daniel W. Pratt.

We thank Dr. Pratt for this invitation.

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