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16 January 2016

Polish Studies Initiative Tour - a 7 day guided tour of Poland

Join the Polish Studies Initiative at The Ohio State University’s Center for Slavic and East European Studies on a 7– day tour of Poland to explore the country’s storied past, as well as its development since 1989.

The trip will visit both classic, symbolic sites from Poland’s past and newer venues that show how Poland is changing today. Throughout the trip, Poland’s connection to both the Catholic and Jewish religions will be explored. Visiting Assistant Professor Daniel Pratt from the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures at Ohio State will lead the trip.

Professor Pratt has visited Poland many times since the 1990s, seeing firsthand how the country has changed and developed over the past 25 years. Throughout the tour, he will guide you through the cities of Warsaw and Gdansk, adding lectures and discussions to create a new, multifaceted impression of this fascinating country.

For more information please visit this website and download this brochure

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