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19 April 2016

Re-enroll in Kroger Community Rewards to continue supporting PAC


Kroger now requiers that you update your Kroger Community Rewards profile annually. Please login to your Kroger Community Rewards account and re-enroll with Polish American Club, 80415. Koger's rewards program provided PAC with over $200 last year with only a few PAC members registered. This could easily pay for our Wigilia party if more of us would register. Remember, this does not affect your fuel points in any way.

Here is my guide how to register for this program first time:


Many of us shop at Kroger and use Plus Cards to collect fuel discounts. But there is one additional benefit - register your Plus Card with Kroger Community Rewards program and Kroger will donate money to PAC! This will NOT change in any way your fuel rewards. How to do it?

Go to the Kroger Community Reward program and open new account.



On the next page you will add your Plus Card info:


At last click Community and find Polish American Club as on the picture below:


This program works amazingly well. With only a few members registered at the moment PAC received over $100 from Kroger last year. If all of us registered PAC would not need to worry about finances anymore. So please, register your Plus Card now!

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