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11 March 2017

PAC Elections 2017 - meet the candidates


We are reminding everyone that on Tuesday 4/11/17 we will be holding PAC elections for the positions at the Polish American Club Board of Trustees. We are delighted and grateful that our members stepped up and offered their candidacies. We will have a ballot for you to download soon with all the voting rules.

President: Małgorzata Cymbał

Vice-President: Mike O’Shea

Secretary: Iwona Testani

Treasurer: Grzegorz Łęcki agreed to submit his candidacy again and stay on his post.

Trustee 1: Janet Baker has one more year of service so she will stay with the Board.

Trustee 2: Eliza Warzycha

Trustee 3: Bożena Stanek

Trustee 4 and 5 position remain vacant.

The elections will take place on 4/11/17 from 7pm till 8pm at 1245 Lane Road Library.


Przypominamy wszystkim że we wtorek 4/11/17 odbędą się wybory do Zarządu Polskiego Klubu w Columbus. Bardzo cieszymy się że członkowie Klubu staneli na wysokości zadania i zgłosili swoje kandydatury. W tym momencie lista kandydatów wygląd nstępująco:

President: Małgorzata Cymbał

Vice-President: Mike O’Shea

Secretary: Iwona Testani

Treasurer: Grzegorz Łęcki zgodził się kadydować po raz kolejny.

Trustee 1: Janet Baker ma jeszcze jeden rok swojej kadencji, zostaje więc w Zarządzie.

Trustee 2: Eliza Warzycha

Trustee 3: Bożena Stanek.

Trustee 4 and 5 pozostają nieobsadzone.

Wybory odbędą się 11 kwietnia 2017 roku, of 7 do 8 wieczorem na 1245 Lane Road Library.

Please, come and show your support for the future Board by casting your vote!


Polish American Club Board of Trustees

President: Agnieszka Albrycht

Treasurer: Grzegorz Łęcki

Secretary Helena Rempała

Trustee: Janet Baker



Candidates for PAC Board of Trustees


Candidate for the President


Małgorzata Cymbał

My name is Gosia Cymbal and I have been involved with the club for about 10 years. In the past I served as a board member, Vice President of the PAC, and I was responsible for Pacanów Polish School.

My goal as a President of Polish American Club is to bring all Polonia together and continue cultivation of traditions and customs of Poland.


Candidate for Vice-President

 Mike O’Shea

Although my last name doesn't suggest it, Poland is a huge part of my life.  My mother grew up in a Polish immigrant household and fortunately passed on many traditions to my siblings and me.  I studied Polish in college, so I can read and write fluently.  I am always looking for opportunities to improve my speaking!  I work with Gosia Cymbal and hope to have the opportunity to serve this Club with her too.


Candidate for Treasurer

 Grzegorz Łęcki

My background is in horticulture. I have always been involved in various organizations and students unions. Currently working for the Ohio State University as a program coordinator for student international exchanges. I have been helping PAC with books since 2013. For 2017 I hope to locate a candidate that would be willing to take over my responsibilities because I believe every democratic institution needs regular changes of its bureaucrats. I find volunteering for PAC fun, very rewarding and a fantastic opportunity to meet hard working and talented people!


Candidate for Secretary

 Iwona Testani

I am originally from Tarnów. I have lived in the States for thirty years, in Columbus for the last seventeen. I have been a member of the Club for around sixteen years. I have served on the Board in the past, as a trustee and an interim secretary.


Candidates for Trustees


Eliza Warzycha

I came to the United States in 1996 with my husband and three kids. I graduated from the University of Łódź with a degree in math but I devoted my life to soccer and being a mom and a wife. For the last 21 years my family has participated in the Polish-American club's life and now that my kids are on their own, I am ready to contribute more to the Club as a Trustee.


Bożena Stanek

I moved to Ohio in 2006. I live in Upper Arlington with my husband Krzysztof and two children, Mateusz (14) and Ala (10).  I was introduced to Polish community in Columbus from the very moment we moved here through Pacanów (Polish Language School for kids ), where my son and then daughter have attended.

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